21st century tips on finding work

Fri Jan 16, 2009

You may as well recycle those newspaper classifieds, because that old school job-finding tool belongs in the 20th century. Spurred on by the recession, a number of tech-savvy people have started blogging on various “new school” ways of getting a job. Tech evangelist Robert Scoble has some crafty tips. I tend to agree with him when he says your blog is your résumé. After all, google my name and this blog is the first search result (and if you are a hiring manager, then please note my correct formatting of the word résumé!).

Local writer and social media consultant Monica Hamburg talks about how to tap into the hidden job market online in her excellent blog post. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Java programmer or a hairdresser - creating an online presence and fostering a network can benefit you. If nothing else, it’s way more fun than cold calling!

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