Alas! A purge is imminent!

Sun Jan 30, 2005

Occasional journal writer that I am, it never fails to amaze me how insipid this whole thing is, or why I even bother at all. Yet, the idea of disbanding seems fatalistic somehow, like you’re leaving your public persona in the lurch or something. Anyhow, while I can hardly call this immersing oneself in the creative process, it is at least some form of writing…these days a sporadic poem hastily scribbled at the back of my notebook is about the extent of my creative endeavours.

Life is sweet my friends! Since I last wrote I have managed to secure myself a position as a writing instructor at a private school. The working conditions and hours are much better than my previous position. The students are young, they range in age from nine to fifteen, but they are a studious lot and quite amiable for the most part. They are all from Korea and come from the wealthiest families, their fathers being judges, doctors and businessmen. Let’s not bandy words here, it is basically a Hagwan, and all the same notorious baggage that comes with Korean Hagwans comes with this one. The difference, friends, is that I am teaching exclusively writing and writing is what I love to do. Furthermore, my boss has been generously giving me a lot of hours, and I have just finished two months of a schedule from hell commuting from Coquitlam to downtown to Surrey and back to Coquitlam everyday. Not to say I am not grateful. But from February things will be easier.

Might I mention the reason I have this job is because my “old man on the mountain”, the good Mr. John Bae highly recommended me for the job, and now I work for his son, for the school is indeed owned by his son. So it comes full circle and my meeting with the old man on the mountain is finally revealed! (See this Entry).

I’ve also been looking for a good used car to buy and have realized that the statement “good used car” is in fact an oxymoron. One of the main reasons is that Angela is moving to Port Townsend really soon, and this is a six hour drive away. I am also very, very, very tired of catching the bus. I’ve been spending a lot of money for a mechanic to tell me how junky the car I’m interested in is. There must be a better alternative.

Anyways, has anyone seen Sideways? What a funny movie! Saw it last night. Folks, I’m out of steam and have decided that I am quite hungry. Goodbye.

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