Amber and Andy

Sat Feb 19, 2000

On the bus back to Bulawayo…

Left at 7 this morning, making good time, should be there well before dark actually. If it’s feasible, I’ll try zoom up to the falls tomorrow, see ‘em - then come back down to Bulawayo, take a day to rest, then to Joburg. Or, alternatively, catch the Route 49 straight from Vic Falls to Joburg. Whichever is cheaper, because I don’t care which is faster… got all the time in the world right now.

Yes, the “quintessential African wonder” is definitely worth seeing. Obviously at this point I can’t afford to go bungee jumping or rafting, bu that’s okay - one less risk to my existence on Planet Earth.

Was speaking to this lesbian couple from Calgary last night, really sweet - they gave me a shell bracelet. Amber and Andy, believe it or not.

There’s a rumour going around that the bridge at Beitbridge border crossing has been swept away in the floods, which I assume are still ravaging S.A. That would be a major bummer man. I’d have to get an under-the-table job in Zim so I could work my way back to S.A.

Some crazy shit happening in the hostel last night - people were partying all night… weird dreams as a result of listening to the Prodigy subliminally.

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