Delete your iTunes

Wed Nov 19, 2008

Not all of Apple’s offerings are shiny and perfect. And when it comes to iTunes, most sane people will agree that this music player is just plain ugly. I applaud Scott Gilberson for calling it like it is in his blog post, “The Top Ten Reasons iTunes Sucks”. Here are his main beefs:

  1. It’s a store stupid
  2. The library manager is prehistoric
  3. No web browser/Wikipedia/anything
  4. No plug-in architecture
  5. Massive memory footprint
  6. No support for other music formats Ogg/FLAC/etc.
  7. Drag and drop sucks
  8. Bloatware downloads
  9. Can’t use iPod as a music transport with iTunes
  10. iTunes is slow

I can’t stand iTunes. Every time I open it (which, admittedly isn’t very often), it wants to upgrade and install all sorts of memory and bandwidth leeches. The only feature I like is the party shuffle. But I don’t have many parties.

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