"Don't speak Korean! Thwock!"

Mon Jul 26, 2004

I had an observation today at an elementary school. The teacher had a class full of precocious little Korean boys who wouldn’t stop babbling away in their mother tongue. I must say I was quite impressed with the teacher, who refrained from rapping on any of the boys heads with his blackboard marker. Thwock! Something I was guilty of doing when I was in a similar situation day in and day out not too long ago. I am actually about halfway through my course already. Despite feeling a little overwhelmed with the workload, I’ve been learning lots of interesting things and delving a little into pedagogical theory, something I realize now that I sorely lacked when teaching before. I’ve also met lots of great people…indeed I live with half the world, from Mexico to Japan. I’m learning new levels of patience as I adjust to the noise of living with fifteen people.

My teacher Dave is a jolly fellow, although at times he pulls the ‘lads’ aside for a pervy story about a “hot chick” he saw walking down the street. He does seem a bit leery at times but is otherwise is really funny and encouraging. Most of my class consists of twenty-something Korean girls who believe this course will help them greatly in their careers back home. Popularity in the class oscillates daily between myself and the other Canadian, Brian, depending on how funny or charming we are that day. Considering our workload, I’m a bit reluctant to engage in extracurricular English teaching activities…but it’s hard when they look at you with puppy dog eyes and say “You make me feel funny, I think you are interesting, will you talk with us? We will treat you.”

Every week-end either I go to the mainland, or Angela catches the ferry over to the island. It’s a long six hour slog, but worth it to see her, albeit briefly. We do nothing mostly, but it’s wonderful.

Victoria grows on you after awhile, mostly because it’s just so very very chill. Fifteen minutes watching the boats glide across the ice-blue ocean and the sun light up the little islands in the bay is a holiday in itself. I have my bike over here too, which is great.

Well, that’s what’s going on right now on the island folks. Not much more to say but farewell and goodnight.

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