Find a tech-writing job in Vancouver - Part 1

Tue Mar 11, 2008

I’m going to start a series on finding a tech-writing job specifically in the high-tech hub of Vancouver, BC (which is where I happen to live). As I started the job search process myself, I noticed a dearth of information on this topic. I hope I can dig up some useful info for those in a similar position - eventually I’ll port this stuff over to my resources page.

So, without further ado, here is part 1, which will focus on job search engines. Sure, you’ll get 20% of jobs this way ( the other 80% you’ll find through the hidden job market), but it seems a good way to start. And after all, you might just might get lucky and beat the hordes of job seekers all vying for the same position…

Here are some job search engines tailored specifically to the high-tech industry in Vancouver:






And then of course there are the more generic search engines:

Craigslist, Eluta (I highly recommended this one), Monster, BC jobs, Workopolis, Working, Job Bank, and Hot Jobs.

For search terms, a simple boolean search (writer OR editor) normally does the trick, but you can get more specific if you want (technical communicator, information architect, etc.). There’s no perfect search term. So, start clicking and have fun checking out all those juicy (yet ephemeral) jobs out there!

In part 2, I’ll be discussing the interview - look for it later this week.

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