Frankenstein Baby

Sun Feb 26, 2012

This is a guest post from Angela Giraud.

So it is official! We have a toddling Frankenstein on our hands! She weighs 15 lbs and dwarfs most lap dogs and her name is the Monchkin! But instead of menacing stares, she is puttering around with rabid giggles, and in times of sheer determination some of the funniest monkey faces you are ever going to find. It is hard to hold back the rush of mommy euphoria in these moments and simply match her gleaming proud smile with my shrieks of laughter and praise! Having been known for a lack of ability to hold in my emotions-I promise to not disappoint.

So you are thinking that’s great she is walking and talking but I want MORE right??!! What does this little monchkin do when doting aunties and uncles are away? Well, she has taken on new roles as a spin DJ, a chain-smoking stand-up comedian and nudist. Her favourite toy is a square standing music station full of greats beats that would easily put any casino out of business with its eclectic mix of music and flashing lights. She has a special taste for the sound of her electronic trombone. She has now mastered keeping time to the music with her butt-as she coyly swings her hips to the newest beat of “ABC’s” en francais.

The Monchkin also has a great sense of physical humour. To date she finds things like hitting, slapping and jumping highly amusing. This often involves morning wake-up calls with her slapping our faces, backs, or her specialty-grabbing noses. Some are easier than others to catch.

She is proving difficult to discipline as she gives an immediate plight of playful eyes and her special rendition of happy-her smoker’s cough laugh. She sits on the bed bouncing her bum up and down as she tips her head backward and lets out a loud and hearty ‘hahahaa’ that sounds way more like a panting dog than much else.

Her all time favourite game is a close toss-up between Peek-a-boo and playing puppy. This can lead to some explaining when she starts jumping and frisking fellow toddlers as the game doesn’t have the greatest generalizing social skills with other little munchkins.

Luckily, we have not had to explain her nudist tendencies as we continue to have control of her wardrobe and Pebbles or ‘party’ hair as her friends like call it. She has one large tuft of hair, much like a Troll, that erects in every direction. This makes her very popular with friends who often have little to no hair and think it’s a cool toy they can borrow. The Monchkin doesn’t think so.

At home, the Monchkin likes to kick back and relax. She continues to enjoy a nice tub soak topped off by a thorough splash and a game of catch-me-if-you-can in the nude. This would be all fun and games if it were not for her hair. If she spends more than a minute after her bath without having it combed it morphs into one crazy, erratic tuft of hair…this combined with her increasing speed crawling and our decreasing speed as tired parents leaves her with a most unfortunate destiny for Troll head. There is some bleak hope in her future though as she is morphing from proficient and ever speedy crawler to toddling and teetering Frankenstein Troll baby.

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