Fun times at Royal Columbian

Fri Mar 18, 2011

My poor wife hasn’t had much luck lately. First she was robbed by an incorrigible scoundrel in church, who as I mentioned, will probably burn in hell. Then, yesterday, she caught a stomach bug and couldn’t keep anything down. So for about 4 hours last night we were at the hospital. Baby’s heartbeat was really high because my wife was dehydrated. So, they hooked up an IV to her and gave her some fluids intravenously. Well, at least we’re becoming more familiar with the maternity ward and got to meet some of the nurses, who were really nice. As before, when we went on the hospital tour, the screams of women giving birth echoed through the halls. I’m getting kind of used to it though. Another good thing is that a kind stranger found my wife’s bag and turned it into the police. The phone and money are missing, but at least she got her ID and other stuff back.

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