Good to be home

Wed Apr 6, 2005

I didn’t go anywhere really, but I feel like I’m at home in my mind, body and soul, so I’ve decided to start writing a poem once a week just for fun. These days I don’t have too much to say about my existence as a sunsangnim, I feel like I’ve said it all before, and nobody reads this anymore because now I’m just an ordinary person lost in a plethora of other ordinary people’s narratives in cyberspace. Anyway, back to the poem. It’s easier sticking it up here than on my (tantalizing and informative!!! See it now!!!)webpage. I’ve also stuck it up on poems. Here’s the first one:


Conflict licked wick

Woebegone missing gene

Silicone cinder bits

Miocene dentist ventriloquists

Dance with the wind genie lean

Into the prayer wheel

Steal your soul-words from

Your whispering god so humble

Jumbled yet joyless like

A tin-knuckled kinetic skeleton

The formatting is a bit off, but there you go…

Don’t bother trying to interpret it, it’s supposed to be a joy to articulate as well as conjuring up some interesting imagery. On the menu we have banal imagery juxtaposed with pseudo-sublime imagery in a cacophony of lexical paradoxes.

Until next time see ya

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