Google Accelerator killed my website

Tue Mar 6, 2007

Wordbit has been down for the count for a few days due to an experimental Google app I unwisely installed. So, just in case you were thinking of trying out one of the apps in Google Labs, think again.

Google Accelerator ostensibly speeds up your Internet browsing by diverting web pages through their servers. The problem is that the program pre-fetches all websites on any given page. This is fine for public browsing at, say, a library. For website administration pages, it opens the doors to hell. Every option on the page will be pre-fetched by Google, including links to delete posts or change the language options, or whatever. When I discovered that Google Accelerator was messing up my Wordpress Administration page to the point where I couldn’t click on anything without it going haywire, I hastily uninstalled it. In doing so, Google Accelerator took my entire website with it. Thankfully, I had recently made backups of my site (because I’ve recently switched to a new server).

Anyway, to make a long story short, in the end I had to delete everything and redirect my nameservers to fix the problem! So, everything should be back to normal now.

I think I trusted too much in Google because I’ve always loved everything they’ve put out there. This particular app, however, should go straight to Google’s recycle bin.

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