Hi ho hi ho it's off to work we go...

Tue Sep 23, 2003

Today wasn’t too bad at all. We went on a field trip to a farm/pottery workshop. The kids got to mould some clay plates which the workshop glazes for us and sends to the school. I made one too; my plate has a bas relief of a screaming face with dreadlocks. It was a corker of a day, the sun was blazing and it was so peaceful on the farm, this sounds flaky but there was a really good energy about the place. The kids really enjoyed exploring the area and petting/poking the animals. Little Monica was determined to set all the animals free, so she opened up the cages and soon there were chickens, geese, rabbits and dogs scampering about, much to the horror of the proprietors.

I was planning on taking off early today, but it happened to be Won Jang Nim’s birthday so we had a little birthday party with tea and cake, which we hacked away at with our chopsticks. I snuck out shortly afterwards though. That cake isn’t sitting too well, I need some real food for dinner.

Thanks by the way, to those people who informed me that the so-called jdbgmr.exe virus is a hoax, it shows what a virus neophyte I am (and you too Adrian!).

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