Howdy y'all.

Wed Oct 8, 2003

My internet connection has been down, so the last entry was posted late, it should be retro-dated to Sunday. Anyways, to illustrate some of the events of the weekend, click on this link and check out the latest pictures on my website. The one of Kumchon from it’s outskirts is really cool. You can get a good idea of the sort of nucleus clustering of settlements I was talking about once.

Yesterday I went out for dinner and then for a few beers with my ex adult students and Sulu. They’re such a great bunch of people, I’m so sad I’m not their teacher any more. We had lots of fun, chatting and joking around, they’re really opening up these days. Hopefully I’ll get to hang out with them on occasion. Actually, to be honest I like the attention, all the single ladies in the group adore me. I wouldn’t get involved with any of them though. Firstly, in my experience, dating someone with poor English makes for a communicative disaster. Secondly, they’re all on the hunt for husbands and Koreans (Asians in general actually ) take that sort of thing very seriously. As a matter of interest, in Korea, couples engage in a lengthy courtship which often lasts several years and seldom have sex before marriage. In fact a boyfriend is prohibited from entering a girl’s family home until he intends to marry her. Quite conservative really, especially compared to a more liberal Asian country like Japan. Times are changing of course but, according to what I’ve observed, the customs I’ve just described still seem to be the societal norm.

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