It's a wonderful life

Sun Dec 21, 2003

I’ve updated my website! Click here to check out my latest photographs! A little composition I’ve entitled “surreal”

I was horrified on Thursday night as I watched Sora pack up all her belongings and clear out her desk and tearfully announce to me that she was quitting and wouldn’t be coming in tomorrow. I don’t need to go into all the details and all the hypocrisy, but she was the primary scapegoat in this whole “bad pronunciation” witch-hunt. Smooth move on the part of the “management team” (read: dictatorship, or even better: Debbietatorship), antagonizing someone to the point where they feel so bad and ashamed of themselves that they can’t take it any more. Anyways, after a long talk with Won Jang Nim on Friday she tenuously decided to stick it out until graduation at least. Phew, wiping the sweat off his brow what a nightmare it would be if she quit. Won Jang Nim’s plan to introduce a whole new crew next year is, in my opinion, franchise suicide but I won’t be around to witness it, so… whatever.

Yesterday, Sora, Sulu, her sister and I went to VIPS in Ilsan….again!….and I attacked the Salad Bar buffet with a vengeance…again!….but I only managed to shovel down four plates this time, even though I slowed down for desert. It was so bitterly cold last night it made Canada seem tropical. Maybe I should buy some thermal underwear or something. Afterwards I hung out with Sulu and her sister and chatted and watched a bit of telly which I haven’t done in a while. Trista the bachelorette married Ryan on TV? Yikes! Michael Jackson and little boys? Yech! Now I remember why I avoid television like the plague. “It’s a wonderful life” came on and it reminded me of Millie Creighton making us watch it in our “Anthropology of Religion” class and how it’s supposed to relate to the meaning of life, suffering, altruism in the community etc. etc. Now I’m wondering just what fundamental principle she was trying to get at, I wish she’d made it a bit clearer.

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