Latest developments

Wed Jul 4, 2007

I’m administering a new podcast for Rev. Craig Vance at my church. Craig’s sermons are really insightful and quite intellectual. Anyway, the technical side of things has hardly been cutting edge as I’ve been recording onto cassette tapes that get chewed up in my 1990 cassette player before they even get turned into an MP3. Nevertheless, I’ve managed two so far and plan to keep that site updated every week. Check it out if you’re interested.

I’ve also decided to redesign this website and make it even more functional and even better looking. As I obviously don’t update this blog very regularly, I’ve decided to give it a less prominent place in the scheme of things. I’m debating whether to switch to Joomla and keep the Wordpress engine or just switch over totally to maintain consistency among the site elements. We’ll see how it turns out - it’ll take a while I’m sure…

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