Live from Kumchon, the city that always sleeps...

Sat Jul 19, 2003

Last night we went drinking at “The Posse”. I last went there a few months ago with the cowboy Sean. There are lots of surreal kinds of ‘American’ bars in this town I’ve noticed. Pirates and Indians seem to be huge cultural icons (stereotypes) and a must when planning the interior decorating. The bartender/owner Storm still works there, he’s pretty cool, mostly because he understands what drinks you’re ordering. We also went to “The Sunset”, which has been renamed “rpm 8000” and doesn’t have live music anymore, just a lot of fairy lights and an odd smell. Sulu was happy though because of the behemoth bourbon and cokes. What can I say, Kumchon doesn’t have a lot to offer but at least you can always get a table.

I’ve been working on my web-site a bit, mostly just making everything garish and multi-coloured, but hey, it’s a work in progress. I’ve made my poetry page somewhat Smashing Pumpkins-ish, probably because I’m listening to them right now. It looks cool, even though I’ve yet to add some more material. And I’ve added six more photographs to my photo gallery. So check it out right now!

Today the only person I spoke to was a clown on the street who was making animal balloons outside my supermarket. I think he was promoting a new DVD store. But who can tell really, I’m still living in a state of perpetual confusion without that handy thing called language to guide my perceptions of the world. To his chagrin, I refused one of his balloons on the way in, so on the way out of the market he made a sword balloon and tried to engage me in a balloon-sword duel. I took his balloon and gave it to some kids. To be honest I’ve been feeling rather delicate today because of last night’s stress relieving drinking therapy. At least it’s cooled down a bit, largely because of some heavy rains sweeping down from China. Oops, weather talk, best end this.

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