My big audience

Wed Nov 28, 2007

I was trying to figure out how many people are reading my writing/editing and the numbers are pretty huge. First of all, I’ve been writing for the print edition of alive at a readership of about 500,000. Then every Tuesday articles I’ve edited for Metro Canada comes out countrywide at a readership of 700,000. And the tips of the day I write for Living Naturally are published on at least 7000 websites in the US and Canada, according to this Google search. Of course my name is only attached to the stuff I write in the magazine, but still, that’s a large audience to consider.

Sometimes I’m having an off day and rush through an article that 700,000 people are going to read. Then, when it comes out, I look at it and think “I can’t believe this drivel got published. I really should have spent more time on this…” Or “Ultimate Frisbee in December? What the heck was I thinking?” It’s a humbling experience.

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