Netflix steps it up

Tue Mar 29, 2011

There was some good news on the Netflix front yesterday as the company announced a deal with Paramount Studios. This brings some serious cool to the Canadian version of Netflix, which has a astonishingly meagre library compared its big brother in the States. We now have Iron Man 2 - and the USA doesn’t - I mean, how awesome is that. But just when you thought the awesomeness was over, Netflix delivered another boon to Canadians:

Starting today, watching movies & TV shows in Canada will use 23 less data on average with minimal impact to video quality. For example, watching 30 hours of Netflix movies & TV shows will only use 9 GB of data, well below most Canadian ISP data caps. Previously, 30 hours from Netflix typically used 31 GB.

Why the change? We know that many of our Canadian members have monthly Internet data caps. This new default account setting will significantly reduce the amount of data Netflix delivers to you each month.

Way to stick to Shaw and Telus. I welcome our new Netflix overlords. Keep the cool coming guys.

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