Northern Voice a wrap

Wed Feb 27, 2008

I’m glad I was able to attend Northern Voice this year - it was informative and inspiring for the most part. All the clicking laptops around me were a bit daunting, but gave me something to aspire to.

The morning kicked off with the keynote address by Matt Mullenweg, founder of Wordpress (the excellent blogging platform on which this website is based). Listen to the audio here.

I then listened to a talk by the CEO of Broadband Mechanics, Marc Canter on bringing social to software. Next was an inspirational diatribe on the state of our stats-obsessed blogging world by Dave Olson.

In the afternoon, Alan Levine gave us 50 web 2.0 ways to tell a story (his was a tearjerker about a dog). Vancouver photographer Kris Krug then faced off against his mentor Alex Waterhouse-Hayward on the best medium for photography - hard copy or digital?

Finally, Rob Cottingham gave a talk called Blogger 911, about using blogs for crisis communications, something we’re doing a lot of in PR class. He also draws some great cartoons about social media - check them out on his page.

Overall it was worth going and I’ll be going next year - hopefully with a laptop this time!

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