On the Volcano

Mon May 10, 2004

We´re having the best time!!! we arrived in La Fortuna yesterday, here in Costa Rica. One of the first places we went was the natural hot springs, heated by the Volcano and just relaxed in successively hotter pools. Angela amazed our tour guide by jumping into the hottest pool at the top, over 65 degrees centigrade. On the lower levels they had a swim up bar and they didn´t mind taking wet money. It was all rather luxurious and ostentatious but we loved it. Today we went white water rafting on a class 3 river, it was lots of fun shooting the rapids and ducking under vines and checking out the awesome birds and scenery. We then went on a Volcano hike throught the rainforest and our guide pointed out some animals, like spider monkeys. We arrived at the viewpoint at sunset and watched the lava rocks tumble down the volcano like bright red stars, it was quite a sight.

We´ve had quite a few adventures up to this point since Mexico, too much to tell right now. I think I´ll just save it for another time when I can really get my teeth into it and spin out some anecdotes later on when I have more time. For now I´ll just say that we made it through Central America in more or less one piece and are having a blast. I still have to write about the rest of Mexico, Guatemala and Nicaragua where we stayed mostly, but I´ll have to do a U-turn on that and come back to it later. Tomorrow we´re heading up into the cloud forest at Monteverde, can´t wait!

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