Please support our teachers

Thu Oct 20, 2005

The (illegal) strike by teachers in B.C. is causing a dangerous and detrimental societal rift. The government refuses to open up a dialogue with the B.C. Teachers Federation and resolve several key issues, including class sizes, support for special needs children and bargaining rights. The government has frozen the union’s assets. They have behaved like children. Yet it is the 600 000 children of this province who are being denied their education by the vulgar hubris of the government. Please email our premier, Gordon Campbell and tell him you support our teachers. Tell him to sit down and negotiate with them.

This is a shameful Canada I am presenting to the international community. Why won’t the government listen? Already other unions are shutting down non-essential services like public transit, libraries, colleges, universities. I cannot believe they would let British Columbia fall into such civil disarray. Yet, ironically, it has been decided by the EUI that Vancouver is the best place in the world to live:

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