Take it easy worker drones of this world

Sat Nov 29, 2003

Yesterday was a killer, but I’ve become quite good at putting up a stoic front and have almost completely given up complaining about anything or engaging in futile behaviour like swearing under my breath. One of our teachers found the open class on Thursday too stressful and apparently had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized yesterday. Nobody seemed too sympathetic, probably because she has the least amount of work out of all of us and everybody was wondering why she is getting so stressed out over three students. I feel sorry for her though, shame, it really doesn’t pay to invest too much emotional energy into your work. She doesn’t even like her job that much as far as I can tell. So anyway, Debbie wanted us to watch the videotape of her open class before we took off for the weekend. So it’s eight o clock on Friday night and I’m starving (but stoic), and everybody is secretly fuming because she’s making us watch this agonizingly boring video when we all should be home nursing our wounds after covering for the absent teacher all day… and as soon as she leaves we fast forward it to the end, turn the damn thing off and run like hell. The kids were cute yesterday though, it was the thanksgiving day activities so we made a turkey and an Indian headband (The anthropologist inside me groans I assure you). I took some pictures with my new camera so as soon as I have those up I’ll let you know. Take it easy.

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