Tearing down the house

Thu Mar 7, 2013

You have to destroy to re-build. So, once again, wordbit.com gets a makeover.

For a long time, wordbit.com pointed to my tumblr blog. But, I’ve since found that tumblr isn’t for me. Total respect for the platform and the people on it, but I found that longish text entries were passed over in favour of animated gifs and youtube videos. I do love these things, but I’m also a writer, and need a place to express myself outside of any constraint or cultural influence. In short, I found myself longing for the freedom of Wordpress. So, I’ve decided to come home.

But, it wasn’t enough to return to the old ways. The aesthetic that appeals to me now is clean and uncluttered. I’m putting the focus squarely on the words, the typography, the text. So, I’ve stripped away anything superfluous. Say goodbye to comments, categories, tags, blogrolls, about me pages, and meta this and that and so on. And what a relief to just write without worrying about these trappings. Because that’s what they are - just distractions that take you away from the communication experience. Mmmmm…. I like that. Communication experience - the unfiltered thought transference between writer and reader - that somewhat sacred exchange only fully realized today in good old-fashioned paper novels.

So, here we are - kicking it old school, like a stripped-down livejournal. Back to just good old writing - pouring it all out for whoever is interested. No Twitter. No Facebook. No social anything. Just you and me. I love it. And dear reader, I hope you do too.

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