The ultimate stroller

Fri Apr 1, 2011

My wife really wanted this Phil and Ted’s Explorer stroller. We checked out Babies R Us, but as expected, the customer service was poor. No disrespect to all those hard-working retail people - I was one of them once - but this lady did not know anything about the product. They were charging about $540 for it. Yeah, I know, you could buy a second-hand car for that price. But, apparently, and I say apparently because the amount of research I’ve done palls in comparison with my wife’s diligent on-line sleuthing, this stroller is a sound investment. It will accommodate a baby all the way from newborn to about five years. You can also attach a car seat to it, or add an attachment to carry two kids.

Anyway, we ended up ordering this puppy from for $479 and they threw in the Doubles Kit for free (usually retails for $90). We also ordered an outdoor patio table and shipped them both to Point Roberts in the States for pick-up at TSB shipping. I’m hoping the duty won’t be too steep or maybe that wasn’t such a good deal after all. We’ll see. At least baby will have his/her pimped-out ride when he/she arrives.

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