Viva la democracie

Mon Sep 29, 2003

Debbie told me last week that the director was thinking about booting me out of my adult class, which happens to be my favourite class, and replace me with Sulu. And I get S4 instead (ten/eleven year olds). She asked me if I wanted to do that, so I asked her if I actually had a choice in the matter, to which she replied, “Of course not”, which just about sums up the politics of being an employee in a Korean company. So I told her for the record I wanted to keep my adult class, but of course today I was duly informed that I would no longer be teaching the adults. I do wonder if I should have fought to keep it but I admittedly was swayed by the fact that I would get to go home a bit earlier in the evenings, so wasn’t too vocal about it. BUT, if Debbie at some point tells me I have to do an open house (middle school prep) class in the evening, then I will tell her flatly NO, you may fire me if you please, there will be no more compromises. I will paint blue streaks on my face, tie my hair in dreadlocks, wave my sword around and yell “You may take my life, but you’ll never take my FREEDOM!!!!”

Incidentally, I have streamlined the index of my website, I think it looks cleaner now. I’ll be adding a links section soon, I’ll keep you posted on that, I’m sure you are breathless with antici… pation.

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