Warning from South African police

Wed Aug 15, 2012

This warning issued by the South African Police Department (SAPD) is quite chilling. And I’m not talking about the vexing combination of all caps and exclamation marks in the final plee of the second paragraph. Or the stilted language that includes all genders and age groups but excludes anyone not on their way to school or work. But, I digress.

Firstly, the crying child scenario is a sick reminder that criminals will use any means necessary to catch their prey. This is a variation on the broken-down car scheme to be sure, but using a little kid as a lure is a new low. Having said that, most South Africans have a heightened sense of security and I would hope most wouldn’t fall for this.

Secondly, the free key holders that house a secret GPS tracker seems so bizarre that it must be true. Although, I imagine drivers of flashy cars may wonder why they received a free gift while the guy in the jalopy next to them missed out. In any case, this high-tech con is a worrying example of how technology can be used for evil. 

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