Wednesday morning Consumer talk

Wed Jun 18, 2003

Just a quick update… Nothing extraordinary has happened recently, but I did get a haircut, which is always an adventure. This time I asked Sora to come with me and translate because last time I just looked up ‘short’ in the dictionary and hoped they would get the idea. It didn’t turn out too well. This time wasn’t much better, mostly because most Korean men get the same haircut (the infamous ‘line’), and it’s hard trying to communicate the concept of ‘tapering’, even with a translator. Speaking of hair, in my adult class (composed entirely of women), I noticed one of them had her hair permed, so I complimented her on her new hairstyle. Immediately following the compliment, a chorus of ‘me too!’ erupted and several other women eagerly showed me their new hairstyle. Sure enough, most of the class had their hair newly permed. I wonder if there was a pioneer in this mass perming, or if it was a spontaneous trend. Anyways, I also bought some new glasses yesterday, glasses here are dirt cheap compared to Canada, and the eye exam is free. I splashed out and got the highest index lenses with all the bells and whistles and a new frame and it only came to the equivalency of around a hundred bucks Canadian. The same pair in Canada would have set me back four hundred bucks at least. Tomorrow we are supposed to go on a field trip, but Debbie is adamant that a storm is on it’s way. I’m not looking forward to next month when Summer classes start because we get extra morning classes. That means eleven to twelve hour days every day for a month. I’ve never worked this hard in my life! Debbie said she ‘stared at the schedule for a long time’ but couldn’t change anything.

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