Why I’ll pass on the iPad

Thu Apr 8, 2010


There were many naysayers when this “magical device” first came out. It’s nothing but a glorified iPod Touch they cried. No front-facing camera. No multitasking (until the Fall that is, when iPhone OS 4 comes out). No USB ports, and so on.

Well I’m not one of those nitpicking technocrats. I think that the iPad is like a shiny piece of the future, straight out of Star Trek. It’s amazing. But here’s the thing: I don’t even own a laptop. Never have. I own a Desktop computer – gasp – built piece by piece from scratch in the dirty streets of the Yongsan electronics market in Seoul, South Korea. That was six years ago. I’m not exactly an early adopter.

These days, however, I’ve been thinking of switching to a laptop. Sadly I won’t be able to build it myself. But at least I’ll catch up to the crowd. Maybe ten years from now, iPads will be as ubiquitous as laptops are today. If so, I may think about picking one up for myself.

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