Corny South African joke.

Fri Sep 12, 2003

A businessman’s car breaks down on his way to an important meeting. The only way to get there on time is to catch a minibus taxi, something he’s never done before. Hailing one down, he jumps into the only available seat, next to the driver.

As they drive along at breakneck speed, the traffic light in front of them turns red. Seeing this the driver accelerates and charges straight through the red light.

“What are you doing?” yells the businessman. “Couldn’t you see that light was red?”

“Don’t worry, man,” says the driver, “All the brothers do it.”

Three intersections later another red light greets them. Once again the driver speeds up and goes straight through. Again, the businessman is stunned.

“That was red, too!” he cries.

“It’s okay, all the brothers do it,” is the reply.

A few minutes later, the driver is again accelerating towards another red light when this time it changes to green. On seeing this, the driver brakes hard, nearly sending the businessman through the windscreen.

“What now?” says the businessman. “This one’s green.”

Patient as ever, the driver says, “I know, man. But one of the brothers might be coming the other way.”

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