Wooo hooo!

Thu Sep 11, 2003

Yesterday Sulu and I went to Everland, the seventh largest amusement park in the world. Unfortunately for us, yesterday was also the first day of Chuseok, which meant about 12 million Koreans were making the exodus south to their hometowns. In a fantastically unwise move, we took public transit…so, we ended up standing in a crowded bus in a traffic jam for about four hours (it usually takes 40 minutes). I’ve never seen a traffic jam on a scale of this magnitude before, it was pure and utter torture. When we all finally tumbled off the bus everyone started stretching and jumping around for joy.

Everland was lots of fun, although at first my body went into involuntary shock from the crazy rides even astronauts would find challenging I’m sure. Anyways, by the end of the night I was quite accustomed to being hurled upside down and spun around at neck-breaking speeds and I wanted to do them all one more time. I guess it’s kind of like Disney land, they had a huge fireworks show and an erupting volcano as a finale. On the ride home I kept falling asleep and having spurts of vivid dreaming, probably in response to a sensory overload.

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