Free software

Thu Apr 26, 2007

I’m mostly writing this entry to make sure my website doesn’t die a horrible gurgling death as it flushes away down the internet drain of obscurity. I’ve been busy writing and editing full-time at alive, and loving it! I especially enjoy interacting with readers of the magazine and answering their questions and concerns in that nice, friendly manner that sometimes straddles the line between professionalism and condescension. I’d love to write about it in more detail here, but there are confidentiality issues involved, suffice to say, I do get a lot of ‘interesting’ letters from those that perhaps do not have full reign over their mental faculties. ‘nuff said? I promise to soon reveal the answer to my impossible writer’s challenge. One of my friend’s attempted it and failed miserably. I’m sure that nobody will get it, so that’s coming up, along with a brand spanking new challenge that involves a Japanese product that got lost in translation.

But for today, let me tell you about a website that I’ve been digging over the past few months: Giveaway of the day, a site that literally gives commercial software away every day for free! There has been some whiners on the site that think they give away too many screensavers and that sort of thing, but hey, it’s free and once in a while a really good one comes along, so check it out! The same company has also started Game giveaway of the day which gives away, you guessed it - oodles of games.

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