Do you love your job?

Wed Apr 4, 2007

What kind of perks do you get at work? Is it better to have a meaty salary and work like a dog - or have fun all day and get paid less? This dilemma is exemplified in a comparison of arch enemies Microsoft and Google. Microsoft pays really well but I’ve heard from people who work there that it’s a fast-track to slavery and that you can kiss your nights and weekends goodbye. There’s this mentality that you should be privileged to work for Bill Gates and willingly lay down your life for the company. But how loyal are Microsoft employees really? Compare this mentality with Google who treat their employees like royalty. Thought you had it good at work? Google was just voted best company to work for by Fortune Magazine, and it’s not hard to see why. Check out this clip of the Google work environment (Via Digital Inspiration).

Watching this video, it almost seems like Google is becoming a cult. Think about it - you never have to leave the office, it’s more fun hanging out at work and eating gourmet food and getting massages than hanging out at home. I’m sure “Googlers” work longer hours than Microsoft employees but nobody’s complaining. People will willingly work all night because their loyalty is unshakable. Productivity is through the roof. If only more companies would start treating their employees like their most precious commodity, what a world this would be.

On a similar note, I’ve just accepted a summer internship position at alive magazine. I’m pretty excited about it. Alive is a nationwide publication with a readership of almost half a million. I’ll be working in the editorial department as a writer and editor. I’ve already start writing some articles for them on environmental issues and fitness. It’s awesome! I get to inspire people to live fuller, more enriching lives and get paid for it. What more could you want?

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