Hello my friend

Wed Feb 23, 2000

On the train… the next morning.

Well, I was the only one having the three-course fiasco last night, so it was kind of silly. And it looks like I’m the only one having the breakfast this morning! Geez, I could really use a shower man. And my hair washed.

It’s raining outside and I feel so lazy. Thinking about just catching a taxi to the hostel. Shouldn’t be more than $50? Have to book my bus back to Jhb today - oops, I forgot about the one back to Durbs… oh oh.

Just had breakfast with this really nice guy from Bulawayo. The Italian guy also pitched up - he’s a bit annoying though. I like Zimbabweans though, they’re super friendly - full of smiles.

Just listening to the news: big floods in Chimanimani and Beitbridge! Hope I can make it back, sounds serious - Cyclone Eline causing it all.

Well, the taxi cost me $71, but it was worth it, cause it’s pissing down. Those Danish girls and I assume the annoying Australian are staying here.It would suck if the asshole Australian and the asshole Englishman were both in the dorm here, what a fucking nightmare.

I think I’ll have to brave the rain after lunch. It’s kind of cold but if I wear my slops and my swimming trunks, at least they dry quickly.

Couldn’t get through to Colleen today - it’s raining so the phones don’t work. Hostel’s getting kind of full. Hope none of these guys snore!


I had my second really scary experience today - one of those “Hello my friend” guys came up and I ignored him as I do sometimes and this guy grabbed my arm and wouldn’t let go and was getting really pissed. I managed to get free and he didn’t pursue me, but it was shit.

Didn’t know it was this bad, but did you know one in two Zimbabwean adults is HIV positive?

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