My eyes! My eyes!

Wed Aug 20, 2003

I think I’m going blind. Since I woke up this morning I’ve had blurry vision. I’m fairly squinting at the screen right now. I told Debbie if this continues I need to see a doctor because I’m quite alarmed. Actually I’ve had a bit of a rough day. This morning the kindergarten kids were eating me alive. They even went so far as to start tearing the pages of my storybook up. Revenge perhaps for tearing up their Digimon playing cards. I haven’t been very nice to them lately. Ripping stickers off their sticker boards. Giving the real troublemakers good hidings, that sort of thing. I’m not very good at entertaining five year old kids, especially ones that speak a different language. And Kitten class is a nefarious group of scallywags let me tell you. Well, at least I’m not getting stabbing chest pains like my friend Nardus at the Kiri Wonderland. By the time lunch time came round I had lost the battle…numbed by their rampant misbehaviour… one of them was building a dam in the bathroom basin and washing his hands with toothpaste and I was merely squinting at him in despair.

Now Green class, Green class is the elite of the kindergarten, four smart little boys whom I love to see every morning. They have quite a sense of humour. They’ve been taught some table manners, like “Don’t burp at the table”, and “Don’t play with your food”. So lately when I ask them “What did you do yesterday?” they say “I played with my cucumber!” then roar with laughter. I’m quite sad though because one of my favourites is leaving, a cute little boy called Sean who looks like a pixie.

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