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Sat Aug 16, 2003

The sunset is really amazing right now and a cricket has just landed on my window-screen and is blasting his siren-like music into my apartment. I’ve just gotten cable-internet hooked up in my apartment and I must say it’s very very sweet! I guess I now have no excuses to update my journal more often, although that means the entries will be getting progressively more stilted as I reach for something interesting to say. I have a feeling 120 gigs won’t last long once I’m in downloading heaven.

Yesterday eight of us took a day trip, namely, Alice (Lee-Jae-Young), Kelly (O-Sora), Debbie (Chwi-Mi-Young), Chris (Kim-Mi-Ok), Sulu, The cool-bus-driver-with-the-David-Beckham-Haircut, his pregnant yet still insanely skinny wife and myself. We headed two hours east to Chunchon, our first stop being So-Yo-San, a mountain with a Buddhist temple. The temple was small but quaintly nestled next to a picturesque waterfall and a natural cave which had been made into a shrine. The weather was fine and we were all in good spirits. And…er…Enid Blyton has obviously forever influenced my writing style. Our next stop was a river I cannot name in a valley I cannot pronounce. It was extremely busy of course, Sulu and I were musing that such a location in NZ or Canada would be almost entirely devoid of people, yet here there were throngs of eager riverside picnickers. After cool-bus-driver-with-the-David-Beckham-Haircut almost trespassed onto an army river camp and got himself shot looking for a good spot, we claimed a little stony patch as our own. We had a barbecue and lazed around. That morning I had a sick stomach from the previous nights Dok-Gal-bi (very very spicy chicken), but it was nothing a little mushroom juice couldn’t fix. Yes, I said mushroom juice, it’s supposed to be really good for you. There was a major traffic jam on the way back and everyone needed to go to the washroom. All the ladies ran to this dodgy looking washroom next to the road but minutes later they all ran out screaming and brushing their limbs, the place was infested with mosquitoes. I decided to hold it in. After dinner in Kumchon half of the group went to the Norae-Bang and the other half went home, me included. It was a great day, I’ll post the pictures sometime in the far future.

Today I hung around for the cable guy and played ‘Ghost Recon’. I think I’m going to warm up my dinner now, I took some of it home in a doggy-bag from last night. This morning I was only partially incapacitated from the spices so I reckon it should be alright. Damn, I’m having a good week-end!

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