Mon Feb 19, 2007

I am proud to unveil my new website, - my latest blog effort using everything I’ve learned here to improve the user experience. I haven’t launched a full-scale marketing campaign yet, so I’m inviting whatever phantom readers I have here to check it out and comment on it. Now, it’s not entirely done yet, but feedback would be great.

Here are some great reasons to switch to

  • The URL is so much shorter and easier to remember.

  • has a clean look, with lots of white space and larger fonts.

  • Randomly generated banner images…cool!

  • There are a minimum of cumbersome graphics - should be fast loading.

  • There is a resource section for technical writers that you can help build.

  • Focused content and well-written edited posts with substance and a minimum of fluff.

  • If you like what you read here, switch to and stay in touch!

Check it out!

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