What is a wordbit anyway?

Fri Feb 16, 2007

According to the Wikia Wiki, a wordbit is “the smallest deal that bears a meaning. Wordbits are the sound or sounds, sideput, that bear meaning.”

Wordbits are the building blocks of language. This website is my small attempt to bring meaning to what we do as writers and hopefully contribute something to the writing “blogosphere”, if you’ll excuse the jargon.

But this website is more than a blog. This is also a place where you can view my on-line portfolio, or check out some resources for other writers (still in progress). You can also read more about who I am, or check out my blogroll for other bloggers on culture, communication and technology.

Here is some more information about this site.

I’m currently using the Wordpress blogging engine (Version 2.0.7) to handle the content on this site. The modified cutline theme is courtesy of Chris Pearson. One cool feature of this theme is that everytime you log on to the main page you’ll see a randomly generated header image.

I’m hosting the site for free on awardspace, which means it tends to be a bit choppy. If you get script errors refresh the page (Hit F5) and it should be fine.

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