Splashing out in Masvingo

Sun Feb 13, 2000

Sundowners Lodge, Masvingo

Well, I left Bulawayo this morning on one of those great African buses and ended up here - fucking expensive pos, but you get dinner and breakfast, so I thought I’d splash out. I don’t think I’ll last out another two weeks, my funds are looking extremely exhausted right now… but at last I’ll get to see the ruins. That’s what it’s all about, right?


It would be cool if I could go white-water rafting at Victoria Falls, but if I can’t manage it, then oh well. I’m down to my last $200 Canadian. It’s $16 Canadian a night to stay here, oh my god, I’m wincing after paying $2 a night.

Anyhoo, yesterday I did some shopping etc., hung out in the park, and sent email. Played Scrabble with Francis (Canadian med student) - she won. Zimbabwe only has one TV channel! Isn’t that fucked?

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