The quintessential African wonder

Mon Feb 21, 2000

Pat’s Place - Victoria Falls.

Well, it wasn’t too bad at all - I was reassigned to a booth with two other backpackers: a German guy and an Italian. So, drank some expensive beers at the bar - slept well.

Went to “Shoestring” but it was full (it was $10 US a night) - so ended up at this place - for $200 Zim a night, a sweet deal.

I’ve decided to head back tomorrow night as it’s too torturous to stay in this town without money! Off to see the falls now, should be good - it’s a super sunny photogenic day!


I had a most excellent day. This place is so great, despite the sharks milling around and harassing you at every corner.

Went to see the falls - they were incredible. A myriad of rainbows and dramatic scenery.


Hooked up with the German guy - Karl. Watched the bungee jumpers.


Afterwards we went for a walk and saw Livingstone Bridge from a high vantage point.

Zimbabwe44 Zimbabwe35 Zimbabwe36

This is real Africa, with birds soaring below us and countless monkeys jumping around in the trees - we saw a gathering of them in a clearing at dusk.

Zimbabwe39 Zimbabwe45

The constant drizzle from the falls has created a rainforest complete with vines and unbelievable humidity. I’m so glad I came.


So, I’m leaving tomorrow night because I think I’ll have more than enough time, after breakfast and a swim in the pool and a game walk… running out of pictures unfortunately.

Anyway, going out now for dinner with Karl. Maybe if the stars are out, we’ll jump the fence at the falls and check it out in the moonlight! The falls are amazing!

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