wordbit turns seven

Sun Feb 16, 2014

On February 16th, 2007, I wrote my first post for wordbit.com, entitled What is a wordbit, anyway? That was seven years ago today - happy seventh birthday, wordbit!

I remember trying to come up with a cool domain name where I could establish my online presence, and - after much agonizing - eventually settling on “wordkit”. I actually bought wordkit.com, only to have it rejected shortly thereafter because it had been purchased by a domain squatter. Anyway, I managed to snag wordbit.com instead, which is a way cooler domain anyway.

Over the years I’ve bounced around from Wordpress to tumblr and back, trying to keep it fresh. I’m not a prolific blogger by any means, and audience engagement has never been that high - even less so with the mass exodus to social networks. Searching my name used to bring up wordbit as the top hit on google, but that ranking has steadily slipped down to be replaced with LinkedIn and Facebook profiles that aren’t even mine.

But still, I can’t let wordbit go. It’s my house - my little piece of real estate on a net that continues to evolve and change and relegate this site to an obscure corner of a crowded and messy cyberspace.┬áSo, here’s to the next seven years! And to you dear reader, I would like to thank you for stopping by and taking it easy for a bit. With the frenetic pace of the internet these days, I won’t blame you for moving along, but you’re always welcome back again.

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