Greed for speed

Fri Mar 23, 2007

After my nasty lesson with Google Accelerator you think I would have given up on my obsession with speeding up my Internet connection. Unfortunately, there’s nothing like the tantalizing lure of speed and power to blind even the most cautious of web surfers, especially if your Internet connection is agonizingly sluggish.

It’s not surprising then, that this tubetorial on speeding up the Internet with Firefox caught my attention. I did briefly try it out before turning it off in horror.

The hack involves turning on ‘pipelining’ in Firefox, which basically means it starts sending out multiple requests for web pages and speeds up loading times. Well, as one suspicious user pointed out in the comments, pipelining is not a great idea. MozillaZine recommends the following about its usage: “Users who want better page loading speed can try setting this preference to true, keeping in mind _this may break some websites.” (_emphasis mine). More broken websites? Doesn’t sound too good to me. I think I’ll just stick to taking it nice and slow.

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